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On 1st April 2016 a new legal body, North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board (IJB) was made responsible for planning, commissioning and overseeing the delivery of community health and social care services for the six localities across North Lanarkshire.

The IJB membership is drawn from North Lanarkshire Council, NHS Lanarkshire, professional health and care disciplines and third and independent sector organisations, plans and commissions’ local support and care services. These are delivered primarily by the council and NHS Lanarkshire working together in teams in a new integrated way, to transform, re-design and improve the outcomes for people in North Lanarkshire. 

The IJB has responsibility to manage a number of health and social care functions on behalf of Lanarkshire – which you will find under the heading ‘Devolved Services’ below. One of these is Mental Health services for the whole of Lanarkshire.

As the accountable Board, the IJB North Lanarkshire has commissioned a Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Lanarkshire (2019-2024). The title of the strategy is ‘Getting It Right for Every Person’ (GIRFEP), it aims to continue the excellent work already carried out, reset how Lanarkshire thinks about mental health and our wellbeing, make mental health easier to talk about, increase equity of access and reduce inequalities and improve healthy life expectancy, improve supports and services and ensure mental health prevention is hard wired into all aspects of these supports and services so that Lanarkshire becomes a place that champions and promotes good mental health for all.

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